Go high or low in a Tony Bianco mule.


When it comes to mules, the rules are simple- keep it backless and the rest is personal choice. Diversify your wardrobe with endless mule options, from open or close-toe to heeled or flat, mules can seamlessly work their way into your wardrobe for both corporate and fashion-based purposes.


Simply slide on and be on your way to the office or to your next event with our various heel heights to suit. Shop Tony Bianco’s range of mules now and see what all the fuss is about.


Frequently asked questions about Mule Shoes & Heels


What is a mule heel? A mule heel is a type of high heel that has no back or constraint, such as an ankle strap, around the foot's heel.


Is it hard to walk in mule heels? Mule heels are comfortable and are easy to walk in - no more difficult to walk in than any other type of high heel shoe. Always choose a mule with a heel height you are comfortable wearing.


Can you wear mules with a skirt? Mule heels are versatile and can be worn with just about any outfit. During warmer months, mules high heels can be paired easily with a mini skirt or long skirt, and in cooler months with a midi skirt and an oversized coat or jacket for added warmth.