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Summer Shoes To Wear On Vacay

*Turns on out of office immediately*


Yikes, things are cooling right down in the Southern Hemisphere right now! Summer is but a distant memory, our skin has transformed into a nice shade of translucent, and we’re wrapped up in so many layers we feel like we’d probably qualify more as ‘onion’ rather than ‘human’ right now.


The fact that the weather is so gloomy probably explains why every second person on our Instagram feed is currently sprawled on a white pebbled Mediterranean beach—book in one hand and an aesthetically-pleasing drink in the other—having had the good sense to book flights to the biggest event on the social calendar: European Summer.


If you’re chasing the sun in Europe (or any other pocket of the world), or if you just want to get a head start on your summer look for the Aussie summer, we’ve rounded up the best shoes for you, no matter your style. Sandal kinda gal? No worries! Hankering for a heel? We got you! In need of a wedge? Say no more! Prefer your shoes flat? Keep on reading!


Pop on your OUT OF OFFICE and let’s step out in style, shall we?

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